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30 aug. 2022  -  13 dec. 2022

Grupa studiu în Comunicare Nonviolentă - Online - RO

Acest curs online e construit în jurul conceptelor din comunicarea nonviolentă dezvoltate de Marshall B. Rosenberg.

Trainer: Alexandru Moldovan

21 sept. 2022  -  25 sept. 2022

Ride the Waves - In Person - EN

A journey of transformation where you will revisit and redefine what’s important for you and become more aware of your inner resources

Trainers: Ian Peatey, Petra Demary, Daniela Pavlovici

01 oct. 2022  -  04 mart. 2023

Extraordinary Intimate Relationships - Online - EN

6 month intensive programme focused on your intimate relationships. Workshops, Coaching, Empathy Support, Weekly materials and more.

Trainers: Ian Peatey and Monica Reu