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Robyn Marie Bors Veraart, born in New York, USA, studied Transpersonal Psychology (M.A. Naropa University, 2000), Music Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and is a certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 2019. Her professional life, before moving to a small village in Transylvania, was spent “on the inside” of a mental health hospital within a prison for women in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where, along with her work as Psychotherapist and Counselor, she offered courses in yoga and mindfulness training.Robyn enters the world of NVC through the door of NonViolence which led her to an exploration of ecovillages around the world, most notably La Borie Noble, a community in France which was started by a student of Gandhi named Lanza del Vasto. Strongly influenced by this place, Robyn and her partner Lars moved to Romania in 2009 to dedicate themselves to a form of activism that is grounded in creating connected communities, both local and global, human and more-than-human, which include a value to Care for All of Life.With her family, Robyn co-founded the project “ Asociatia Provision Transylvania,” which is rooted in the practice of Food Sovereignty and has as mission: “To promote the use of AgroEcology and NonViolence both locally and globally.” Provision is situated in a small village at the foothills of the Apuseni mountains and Robyn loves to welcome people into the elements of village life while exploring the world of NVC consciousness. ()Robyn also enjoys meeting online with individuals, families and organisations with the purpose of increasing awareness of our familial and collective traumas and helping to heal into and through them. She is passionate about helping all of us to create new human systems that will support Togetherness, Flow and conscious Choice. She engages regularly and enthusiastically with constellation work and sees this as a practice of deep empathy that facilitates emergent understanding having the potential to restore and regenerate the relationships within and around us.Robyn is part of the design team of NonViolent Global Liberation, a mostly online community of those around the world who are working to integrate and implement a nonviolent framework into their own lives and surroundings. She is currently a functioning member of the board of ACNV along with the other certified NVC trainers in Romania. Her vocation and main area of service and dedication is community building around and through Provision.English is Robyn’s mother tongue and she also speaks Dutch, French and (continuing to improve!) Romanian. She has worked as an NVC trainer mainly with clients from the US, France, Netherlands, Denmark, England, Germany, Austria and, of course, Romania.In the wintertime (the only season when she is not busy planting, growing, harvesting or transforming food) Robyn can be found on her continuing journey to step away from all that threatens our collective liberation and to move toward all that will help us to imagine and then live lovingly into the more beautiful world so many of us are dedicating our lives toward re-membering how to care for.